Shut your mouth and open your legs!

Almost everywhere, almost always, the only term that men in this country use when they want to put our shoulders against the wall is “whore”. When it seems like there is no counter argument. There fore or when they are unable to shut us up. With arguments they mention our genitals and how we use them. Perhaps men, who have already grown up and are still growing up, have not understood the anatomy properly and do not know that a woman is made up of more than one hole (the famous hole that shook the world a while ago.

I don’t know why they look

At us like a hole with or without a Belgium Phone Number Data vagina that walks. That stretches, that opens and closes. That crashes into some casual or marital bed.Almost always in ordinary discussions to the most intellectual ones. What goes in and out of that hole is mentioned. Do you say that what we think about and what we talk about is to blame. Yes, the desert one has no idea what is done in the rest of the body, up here. She has other views, which often do not coincide with the rest of the body.

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Definitely try to find another

I don’t understand why she should be Albania Phone Number List brought into conversations where the man uses other organs than his famous penis. Hmmm, because maybe, I mean maybe. Those who don’t know the language of their penis are very curious to know what the hole thinks and they never find out. There fore because they are powerless not only to ask it. But also their “friend” theirs. There are those (this is the majority) who are even ashamed of their friend and for this they still blame the hole… And not deigning to even look at their friend.