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Making the right choice requires understanding the relevant platforms and technologies and understanding how they interact with each other, what information transfer protocols they use, and so on. The choice of platform depends directly on what software product you want to create. Let’s say you ne a neural network to solve your problem. Then you can use or. These platforms have different neural network capabilities and capabilities. The choice will depend on the functionality and capabilities requir to solve the specific problem. ​​if you prefer. If select then you will use and languages.

Worth reading after choosing

A platform to learn a language is Microservices Architecture Taiwan Telegram Number Data Many software products are now design using this approach to ensure interchangeability simplicity and ruce dependencies between component technology platforms. It is also important to pay attention to the database and its management system. Denis Chesnokov Sometimes people come to university labs with a complete lack of understanding of databases. However, most applications process some information. So you ne to know at least one database management system. For example and the corresponding language. Theorems and databases are also worth reading as they are widely us today.

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