While studying back in the lab

Work computers are also not recommend as they often have strong firewalls that can block the exam process. By the way this program blocks the system and you will not be able to open the browser or switch to another window until the exam is over. Questions and Answers. There are total questions (Professional level questions). Sometimes one correct answer is ne and sometimes multiple correct answers are ne but this is always point out. Sometimes it seems like all the answers are correct because they may differ by just one word. But there is always some indication of a mark indicating the correct option. For example it is necessary to specify a service package that not only solves the task but also completes the task in the cheapest way, the fastest time or the easiest way, etc.

The nature of questions and answers

May change bas on minor clarifications. Over time you get us Israel Telegram Number Data to this peculiarity. You ne to read and analyze the questions very carefully and usually the hints already includ. Long, difficult, expensive? I’ll tell you my experience. I became interest in cloud technology and thought it would be nice to get certifi. Most start as cloud practitioners. I immiately set my sights on it although it was quite difficult. I start using services every day as I prepar to move from the lab to commercial projects. An internal program has also been launch to help prepare for certification and provide free completion vouchers upon passing the test. I join in and read the study material and tri to take the exam but fail.

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I research the documentation

Purchase again and watch several video courses and tests Switzerland Email List and got my first certificate at my own expense. And the next day I immiately pass Basic Cloud Practitioner. So I immiately obtain two certificates and further plann to become a Solutions Architect Associate and Professional. Overall the cost of preparation is not small but I think it is an investment rather than an expense. After completing the Solutions Architect Associate course I receiv an invitation to become an authoriz instructor.