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Expand your vocabulary by reading things you like. Focus on slang and idioms. Where to study? Explore English dialects at Dialect Archives Use practice pronunciation to learn the science-bas approach to improving vocabulary Use practice skills View the Advanc Grammar Reference Guide Enjoy a selection of audiobooks on Amazon. is a platform that allows you to create software applications. The first version was releas in . Believ to be creat as a replacement for the platform. The main difference is that it is officially design to work with a series of operating systems.

Since then the platform has come

A long way since its release and to this day it is still Spain Telegram Number Data quite popular despite the emergence of newer generations of the platform. There are a large number of software products, libraries and frameworks written and develop under it. In addition to this year, a modular platform compatible with various operating systems was also releas. In other words it is cross-platform. The cross-platform feature opens up many new scenarios and opportunities for its applications. This play an important role in promoting it among developers and business representatives. Denis Chesnokov The idea of ​​cross-platform is that software products are written in a specific language and then translat into an intermiate language. In this way it is possible to write applications for devices such as home routers, smart TVs and other smart devices, even for washing machines equipp with controllers.

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Platform are the same thing. Of course this is not the case. There is Canada Email List no doubt that they develop by looking back on each other but they are not strictly interdependent. For example, there are alternatives to the officially releas implementation. We are available on all these platforms but to a certain extent. On the other hand it is not only compatible but also compatible with other languages. Developers who know different languages ​​can come together to write joint software products for specific platforms.