What does this in the middle mean

Read this article to find out more about English language proficiency and view material prepar by trainers from the Learning and Development team. . What does this mean? At this level you can understand some words and phrases and answer simple questions. You can introduce some information about yourself: your name, your age, where you work, whether you have a family, etc. If you ne to explain something you can use your native language or use specific words and gestures. How to improve? Learn basic tenses present past tense future tense to be able to talk about hobbies last vacation or plans.

Try to learn the correct word

Order and simple words that you can use in everyday conversations such as when ordering food in a cafe or talking to a consultant in a store. Where to study? use Learn New Zealand Telegram Number Data English with British Council Learn new words Learn and practice grammar Watch videos of basic conversation phrases Reading It will also improve your understanding of English. . What does pre-intermiate mean? At this level you can understand the main points if the pronunciation is clear and slow but sometimes you will ask for clarification and pause while looking for the right word. You can also discuss everyday topics such as weather sports learning. How to improve? Start using the complex tenses present perfect past continuous and the most common phrasal verbs.

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Replace simple expressions

With idioms or rarely us words such as I think I think I like I Australia Email List am passionate about it rarely once in a blue moon. Where to study? Take a short course to learn more about spoken vocabulary while practicing pronunciation Learn new words from Cambridge English and develop listening skills Read more in English.  Now you can understand the gist when you speak the words in a familiar accent but may have difficulty listening or speaking to native speakers. You can think about abstract concepts and present arguments for and against them in a specific context.