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For example, for traders. There is another interesting application for business analysts which can simplify and spe up working with big data by visualizing information from any source. or forms technology is mainly us in desktop client applications. Understanding them you can create complex applications for users’ desktop computers. With the help of and you can write an application and publish it to or then every smartphone or tablet owner can use it. Game Development You can write games using . It is an implementation-bas platform. Well-known games such as and “ ” are all written under.

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The language and use the and platform libraries. It’s easier and faster Sweden Telegram Number Data because you don’t have to learn all the work of converting the code will be done by . Internet of Things The Internet of Things is the development direction of technology where devices can interact with each other, the external environment, and the Internet. It can also be us here for example if you are using a smart kettle with and want to control a home lighting system, a self-driving car, a voice recognition system and automat conversations bas on ready-made frameworks. If you are planning to go in this direction then first read and how to provide bi-directional communication between the server hub and your smart devices. Enterprise Enterprise is the domain of developing products to solve business problems rather than the domain of end users.

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Tracking customer behavior and information and document management China Email List systems. Enterprise systems are a combination of web desktop and mobile. Although somewhat general they are creat to solve a specific set of problems. For example if a customer is interest in organizing complex company document flows then a platform is a possible solution for him. If we are talking about creating a global online shopping website for a large retail company then a platform might be a good choice.