My experience as a mentor

With time and more practice comes the chance to become a true master. How to be successful working with a mentor? initiative. Ask the mentor questions about what the difficulties were. Ask him about her own experiences. If you have questions or concerns or would like to discuss something please initiate contact. Help you help you. Only you know what a mentor can do for you. Don’t be afraid to talk about your ucational and career interests, goals, and nes. Commitment. Your mentor will most likely have the primary job and still have the additional responsibility of mentoring. So thank your mentor for their time and effort. Work hard to complete assign tasks and respond to questions and comments in a timely manner. Stay open.

This means being willing

Only to learn new things but also to gain different perspectives Brazil Telegram Number Data and respond to suggestions and constructive criticism. Expect support rather than miracles. You can expect a certain level of support and advice from a mentor but he or she will not be able to solve your problems for you. Instead a mentor can provide you with alternative perspectives, feback, tips, and resources that may be helpful to you in solving a specific problem Since 2001 I have gain mentoring experience in projects, in internal laboratories, and in partner schools outside the company. Every time is a different experience. In some places the focus is on self-study according to the plan so the role of the tutor is to check the assignments and sometimes answer questions from project participants to track errors and make suggestions.

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Everything is different

The laboratory it resembles a community form with more Ghana Email List contact, communication, immersion in the material and maximum interest. But with the kids I’m still not sure if I manag to provide all the necessary information or if I could have done it differently despite my best efforts. It is necessary to put more effort into cultivating interest to support their motivation to learn and overcome difficulties although this is difficult to do online. To survive or not to survive? If you also want to be a mentor one day I don’t like giving advice because actually a person always knows if he wants to do something.