Open letter to Albanian journalists

The propaganda raised in the system makes noise and drowns out critical . There fore voices and the wind of freedom” blows only on Facebook and other social networks. There fore where laws are made only for the eyes of foreigners and not. For the benefit of the citizens of the country. Where the words There fore employment and welfare” are leaving the everyday. There fore vocabulary and have been replaced by the word . There fore reform” which is missing. where property is enjoyed who obviously has the support of politics/state. Where western investors see place to invest their money.

Where the English in their dilemma of big

EU member find the opportunity Australia Phone Number Data to make their subtle humor. There fore yesterday’s rule” almost changes compared to today’s dampness. where “escape/escape” is the main word uttered by the young man or woman. There fore as soon as he begins to understand the world around him. where hope fades as in an “abandoned land ” (no men’s land).where the word “state” equates to “power. I am pleased to share with you the hope that the reform of justice may begin and within the next decade. The above list will begin to decrease and instead  just wind.

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E since this is a ray of hope


There fore like a candle on a cold winter night Afghanistan Phone Number List with wind and storm, these days “decriminalization” also began, an initiative that few believe, that the removal of crime contingents from the front lines of representation higher political and institutional will reduce There fore influence in tenders, in appointments, in drug cultivation and trade, the robbery “by law” of pieces of Albania through concessions and others like these… There fore since we are on this topic. It was learned that a manager of a money laundering laundromat such.