If you are a beginner in adobe

Anything that is a path in indesign can become a sort of photo or graphics collector. A writing. If converte into a profile path. Can therefore. For example. Contain a photo. Users who are familiar with other adobe products will find the stepbystep process in the article below. If you are a beginner in adobe indesign. No problem a twominute video tutorial is here to guide you! Indesign clipping masks simple shapes here is the stepbystep proceure to create a clipping mask using simple shapes such as rectangle.


Ellipses or polygons draw a rectangular


shape m or an ellipse l or a polygonal shape with variable numbers of sides in your document. Select a photo previously positione in the document to C Level Contact List insert one just choose the shortcut cmdd on mac. Ctrl d on pc right click from the context menu and choose cut . Select the previously selecte shape go to the e it menu and select paste in feel free to doubleclick inside the shape to readjust and reposition it as desire. If you want to move the entire clipping mask.


Click outside the shape


C Level Contact List


Reselect the shape and move everything as desire. Step – create a simple shape by going to the indesign toolbar step – right click on a photo to BR Number List crop it step – select the previously drawn shape. Go to the eit menu and paste in step – reposition the photo if necessary by doubleclicking inside the polygonal shape indesign clipping masks complex shapes imagine you want to insert a photo or graphic into a complex shape. Create. For example. From a set of paths drawn with the pen tool or a set of polygons.