Forest with oaks from the mayor

.In recent days, an interesting event took place in the media information. The city hall and the world capital, with the contribution of the latter, with the participation of the leaders of the two relevant agencies who were seen with shovels in their hands in photos and film images, planted trees in Saint Prokop Park (lake) in Tirana. The information says that hundreds of oaks will be planted, and I heard that it will be called “Route of Oaks”.

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Without removing an iota of the Afghanistan WhatsApp Number List humble respect I have for the archbishop, its leader. The community of believers, as well as the a priori positive predisposition as a simple citizen. For the municipality and its leaders of all time. This information made me think about several points. Which I share with the friends of this site. Hoping that the media will not report them. The first problem: What does the world’s chief grandmother. Therefore have to do with planting trees, even oaks, in the lake park?

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shocking confession of the Albanian in Italy:

Read also: Mirdita/ the 25-year-old  violates Armenia Phone Number the biller and takes the money (NAME) “We want €60,000…”/ The  4 people kidnapped me… I am certainly not a simple slave who can teach a religious community what to do with its funds. But I am only expressing my surprise because it is very rare in the world for a religious institution to directly contribute to material and productive activities such as planting trees, opening terraces, building railways.