When the Ardvelians ask for forgiveness

Zaida Çobo has withdrawn the lawsuit against Ardi Veli, which has caused resentment towards her. Those who most strongly condemned this ugliness of Ardi Veli, have returned to Zaida, who has withdrawn the lawsuit against the director of the Moral Police. In fact,the lady pointed out that in this country you are alone. She had much more courage than we expected, as she alone faced all the pressure exerted by an inhumane regime that makes Ardvelians police directors.

The predicament that took

And turns their bosses into Algeria WhatsApp Number List Ayatollahs. Those who have it with Zaida, if you keep it, should continue to have it with the Ardveli and Edram people. The lady did her best, at least forced them to lower their heads, if only for eyes and cheeks. But, none of us knows what is the violence of the pressure that she has removed, after her son was impaled on the tree. A policeman who beats a child because he wants to go for a bike ride is a policeman who will no doubt kill you after the disaster has happened. Read also: They beat Ramadan Hasan with sticks.

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The 4 perpetrators surrendered

The police  the 25-year-old violates Bolivia Phone Number the biller and takes the money (NAME) The subsequent attitude of Ardi Veliu is a threat or rather, in the language of the strong, pressure. He is the director of the police, where the criminals have become leaders and watch how the hashish fields turn green to collect their share. Ardi Veliu is the director of the police who opens the borders for drug trafficking and enters the market himself. Ardi Veliu leads the police, where the border directors traffic people.