How does coaching work

Before changing careers, he serv as the head of a workwear production workshop. He practic judo for many years and became a sports master. A mentor once play an important role in his journey to becoming an expert. Now trying to pay tribute to him who himself was a mentor to other beginners. Gennady’s direct talk on why it’s worth working with a mentor and what to look out for continues. What is it like to be a student? From the leadership position, I feel like I have return to the starting point and become a student again.

The head of the front-end laboratory

At Dnipro University became my mentor during the second Australia Telegram Number Data phase of training in the internal laboratory. I am very grateful to her. With her efforts and support, I successfully transferr to this project as a front-end developer two years ago. His decision to return to the lab had already taken on a mentor role when he start making it. The presence of a mentor is first of all to maintain the motivation level since each mentee knows that his work will be assess and that he will receive the necessary feback. If you compare it to exercise you can go to a gym you can work out on your own at home or you can take a group training class. That means there are different ways. There was some competition in the group classes.

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There was a guru figure to

Look up to whose body of knowlge would be useful to me. There was a Australia Email List mentor whose way of thinking I could adopt. This way you can learn faster and try to reach the same level. Of course you can teach yourself but you will lack practical advice. Why do people become mentors? It’s a way to say thank you for the experience. I stand in the shoes of my students and I know how difficult it is for them. For some it is an opportunity to fulfill their long-held desire to teach. Additionally mentoring provides the opportunity to learn new things and see familiar things from a different perspective.