The anti-Vlonians together with “Rama and Co

The sadness that comes to me from Vlora…and the patriotic Lungo(go)marja. When on Monday, November 10, 1913, Dutch , Colonel Thomson. There fore arrived in the evening at the small port of Vlora. The landscape that appeared before his eyes reminded him of Switzerland. With green mountains. With 5 minarets and an unbroken peace against There were no sounds of civilization, no industry, and there were only wooden buildings on the road to town. At the pier there were many curious people who welcomed them with obvious love.

General De Veer and his deputy

A few Brazil Phone Number Data months later, on August 3, 1914, after all that happened, the general left Vlora and the chaos that accompanied it, and saw his colonel. Who had been killed in under completely unclear circumstances. When he returned to his homeland, unlike his officers who did not leave the chair without telling the exploits that had happened to them in Albania, he closed in on himself. In fact, he had written everything in his diary and the letters he had sent to his wife day after day. When someone asked him that autumn of 1914 how the Albanians were, he said briefly.

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One of the most tragic in Albania

They are nationalists, but not patriots”. Seeing Vietnam Phone Number List Vlora  these days, which still continues to be conquered by concrete with the same fever. I remembered the words of General De Veer. How few patriots are these Vlora nationalists. Who have concreted Vlora and made this urban massacre. “Gjika and Co”, “Kolloz and Co” and now “Leli and Co”, these anti-Vlora people, together with their beloved deputy “Rama and Co”, for years put an end to our beautiful Vlora.