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What does this in the middle mean? Now you can understand the gist when you speak the words in a familiar accent but may have difficulty listening or speaking to native speakers. You can think about abstract concepts and present arguments for and against them in a specific context. How to improve? Learn the comparative forms of conditionals, passive voice adjectives and modal verbs to enrich your language. Focus on spoken language and the most common phrases.

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Master speaking by expanding your vocabulary with Singapore Telegram Number Data Listening Lab Improve your grammar with Minute Grammar Improve your writing skills with Cambridge English by listening to conversations. What does this mean? You can maintain a conversation and express yourself on a variety of topics without any extra effort. At this stage you can become proficient in using everyday vocabulary and simple grammatical structures. Sometimes if you use something more complex you will make mistakes but they won’t lead to misunderstandings. How to improve? Learn complex grammatical structures such as the impersonal passive voice or the future perfect tense to make assumptions about the present tense. Improve your speaking skills by learning the many meanings of the most common English words, phrases, verbs, idioms and cognates.

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Skills Practice writing formal emails Take a listening test Brazil Email List in the online listening lab Practice speaking with a partner Build your vocabulary with Cambridge English. At level you can usually express yourself correctly and can speak on unfamiliar topics. You use complex grammatical structures to explain clearly and not just common words. You can negotiate easily and develop your ideas logically. How to improve? Speak as much English as possible especially to native speakers.