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Seeing how your mentee’s career begins and how he or she enjoys working is a reward for the hard work put in. Where can I find great mentors? Over the years there has been a complete coaching structure in both technical and social directions, starting from the training phase in the in-house laboratory. Guidance support that takes into account feback from colleagues is often the driver of development.Of course you can also find mentors outside. Here are just some ideas on where to look. Perhaps the most obvious way is to ask for help from acquaintances who are already doing the work.

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A mentor themselves they can at least ask a colleague in an internal Belgium Telegram Number Data chat. Professional platforms, for example, or choose from article authors on the forum. Here you can find internship announcements. Get involv in the community. The platform alone has a technical community that regularly holds events, conferences, seminars and even conferences. Anyone interest can join them. Among the speakers you can find an inspiring mentor. Career portals and public organizations. They regularly run special projects to help young people decide on careers and plan their careers.

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The Your Career Victory initiative last year, with several mid-level Brazil Email List and senior colleagues joining as mentors. What makes a good mentor? First, the mentor must have expertise in the area that the mentee wants to develop. Because it’s about method: teach me to do it like you do. The fact is that the mentee observes the mentor and considers his experience, vision, suggestions and the plans they jointly develop for his development. As with all professionals, mentors are evaluat bas on the results of their work. Also out of a genuine interest in people becoming experts. Mentoring is a responsibility to the mentee and the future team.