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I became the first authoriz trainer in Ukraine. Together with the project coordinator we were pioneers: we correct and improv the process and laid the foundation for further development. Today the team has grown to seven instructors and we continue to grow. The program is free and continues to this day. Upon completion participants can receive free coupons and complete each level of certification. What’s interesting is that Ukrainians come to study from all over the world and even from Australia and the fact that our courses are taught in Ukrainian has become a link for some to their home country. I never thought I would become a teacher. But now I really like it because it helps a lot of people.

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A hands-on experience but this teaching role is also very Kuwait Telegram Number Data important to me. Hundrs of people have receiv certificates so far. My team and I see their thank you notes all the time. The first time this happen was like a personal vacation for me. The plan is to continue to actively develop and improve the program and teach courses for all available certifications. Useful Information The University organizes a number of specifically target practical events. Topics cover: , identity and access management, database services, serverless, virtual private clouds, infrastructure as code tools, and more. Plans continue to introduce cloud technology to Ukrainians in 2020.

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Domains and find open sets of training programs on the USA Email List corresponding and domain pages. If you already have knowlge of cloud technologies and would like to gain hands-on experience to start your career we invite you to join Cloud & Labs (recruitment continues until the morning of May). Subscribe to the social network so as not to miss the following announcements relat to events and ucational programs (and not only.