Why is COVID-19 winning?

“The only thing our invisible enemy wants is targets,” said Adam Elkus, PhD in computer science at George Mason University. “It does not think,” he continued, “it does not feel, and it stands entirely outside the nuances of social life that people have carved out through patterns of communication, representation, and discourse. And this, above all, makes it a deadly opponent for the West. This virus has exposed the entire western society which is based on people who delude themselves into thinking that their ability to manipulate words, images gives them the ability to control reality itself.

At each stage of the American

response to the Albania WhatsApp Number List coronavirus, the response has been the same. In the first phase it was liberals and the public health establishment (including, fortunately, key decision makers in New York) who treated the virus as something that could be controlled by trying to define it as xenophobia or racism rather than a disease. Read also: They beat Ramadan Hasan with sticks, the 4 perpetrators surrendered to the police .

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25-year-old violates the biller

The same thing happened with Donald Trump Bahrain Phone Number who tried to convince himself that the virus was not that contagious and they should reopen the economies. Eventually, the falling stock market and the rising infection rate forced Trump to come to terms with reality. But the next deception belonged to some of his conservative supporters, who embraced the idea that the economic downturn was only the result of misguided government policy. Now in the midst of the wave of protests against police brutality.