What would be the main functions of a CEO in the field of communication

What would be the main Montserrat Arias , CEO of BeMyPartner , shares her expertise in the matter. Having a personal brand aligned with the company . A CEO must have a personal brand that is aligned with the company. Therefore, his personal and professional values ​​must largely coincide with those of the company he works for. From there, knowing his strengths and weaknesses is essential to properly work on all his communication. This work of self-knowledge will be essential to manage his communication in an authentic and credible way. Having a presence on social media (and taking care of it) . It is no longer possible to live outside of social media and it is essential to have a minimum presence in order to get to know the people behind the companies.

The human side is fundamental in social relations and many

Contacts and research on companies are online. Depending on the sector, some platforms will be or others. Everything must respond to a prior communication strategy and a positioning aligned with the interests of the company. This must include those networks and personal content since a common mistake is to think that you can publish freely on Twitter or Facebook. Mistake. Properly communicate the company’s mission, vision Costa Rica Phone Number List and objectives . One of the main functions of senior management is to clearly communicate the company’s mission. Vision and objectives so that the entire team knows where the company. To generate commitment, it is important that the CEO, with the help of his team, works on a strategy to disseminate the company’s messages among all audiences, adapting formats, arguments and communication channels.

Study your personal image

Many managers have worked hard for years, their strong point is intellectual and they neglect their image and even their health. Hillary Clinton said in a speech “The most important thing I have to tell you today is that hair matters.” And although it Armenia phone number list may seem superficial to some, your image sends very powerful messages about you and yourcompany. If you go around unkempt, looking like you don’t sleep much and don’t take care of your health, the message that the audience will possibly read is that you are not qualified to take charge of a company or a country. If you make a mistake with what you wear to a public event, this can contradict your message or even become the main topic of discussion.