Common Email Address Typos

Since January of this year, we have been collecting a collection of popular typos in email addresses. Today, we already  Common Email have something to share with you. Why do we need this? For example, using these lists, you can automatically correct your users’ mistakes and increase the Deliverability rate of your emails.

Typos in mail service domains

There are quite a few of Ebay Data them, and they can be very strange.

The list is not complete. It can be expanded and expanded. And yet, it will help you correct the bulk of typos.

Typos in domain zones

There are not so many of them, but they still exist:

  • pay attention to the domain name, the email may belong to a user from Colombia)

There are also “combined” typos, for example, name@ yn dex.r y . Therefore, it makes sense to process email addresses separately by domain and zone, and not by the entire address at once.


After sending out another mailing, do not immediately delete email addresses that failed to Afghanistan phone number list deliver letters. Study the list of such addresses, perhaps they contain typos.

And if you can add your own popular email address typos to the list, please write them in the comments – I and the readers of our blog will be grateful to you!