Collaboration and Project

Calendly: let invitees choose a time to meet right from your emails in Gmail
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What it does: Available in the Chrome Web Store, Calendly integrates with Gmail to schedule meetings without back-and-forth emails.

Who it’s for: Professionals, project managers, and anyone who schedules a lot of meetings.

How it helps: It streamlines the scheduling process. This Gmail add-on lets you share availability and allows others to book time directly.

How it is used: Use it to schedule meetings directly from Gmail. Share your availability, allow others to book a time, and automatically sync meetings to your calendar.

Pricing: Free, with premium plans starting at $10/month.

Todoist for Gmail

Use Gmail with the Todoist Gmail extension El Salvador Phone Numbers for effective task management
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What it does: The Todoist extension integrates Todoist with Gmail so you can manage tasks and emails in one place.

Who it’s for: Project managers, freelancers, and business owners who use email and Todoist for task management.

How it helps: Enables you to create tasks and to-do lists directly from emails, helping to streamline workflow and increase productivity.

How it is used: It converts emails into Todoist tasks, manages tasks within Gmail, and syncs tasks between Gmail and Todoist.

Pricing: Free, with premium plans starting at $4/month.

HubSpot Sales


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Gmail HubSpot Integration Connect Them Today
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What it does: If you already use HubSpot, HubSpot Sales brings those insights into your Gmail inbox.

Who it’s for:

Sales teams, marketing professionals, and customer service reps who use HubSpot.

How it helps:

This Gmail extension provides insights into email Chile Phone Number List opens and interactions. Allows easy meeting scheduling, and simplifies email outreach.

How it is use: It allows you to get notif when an email is open, schedule meetings directly from Gmail, and automate and personalize outreach emails.